Interactive Filmmaking Lab

We conduct interdisciplinary research and develop interactive films and media. We combine creativity and cognitive sciences, with the use of innovative interactive technologies.

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‘Interactive Film and Media 2022’

The #IFM2022 Virtual Conference is taking place online, from the 8th to the 10th of June 2022. This year’s conference reunites academics and practitioners to explore the definitions, terms, practices and conditions of interaction and interactivity in three strands: epistemology, listening, and ecomedia. Apart from the paper presentations, the conference also includes several exhibitions of […]

‘Digital Art and Neurosciences’

Dr Polina Zioga was invited to speak about ‘Digital Art and Neurosciences’, at The European Centre/Contemporary Space Athens (74 Mitropoleos Street, Historical Centre of Athens, Greece), on the 20th of May 2022, and presented the ‘Live Brain-Computer Cinema’ research project and her work on ‘Enheduanna: A Manifesto of Falling’ Live Brain-Computer Cinema Performance. The invited talk […]

‘Was Enheduanna the World’s First Author?’ AramcoWorld Magazine

The ‘Live Brain-Computer Cinema’ research project was featured in the AramcoWorld magazine’s March / April 2022 issue. Dr Polina Zioga was interviewed by Lee Lawrence for her work on  ‘Enheduanna: A Manifesto of Falling’ Live Brain-Computer Cinema Performance, the ‘50-minute mixed-media event [that] broke technological ground’. In producing Enheduanna: A Manifesto of Falling, which premiered […]